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Molly Mac Gear is a cottage maker, a sole proprietorship, the outlet for MacEntyre’s gear making efforts since 2007. Our most popular bit of gear is the Gear Box, by far. We make other products as well, including hammocks, hammock insulation, hammock socks, anoraks, mukluks and tarps. We live and work at Trouble Ranch on Troublesome Creek, in Rockingham County, NC, our little homestead and hideaway. Feel free to ask any questions you have about gear, repairs or life in the woods. MacEntyre is always willing to meet folks and talk about making gear.

MacEntyre Bio

MacEntyre has made gear for Molly Mac Gear since 2007, when he designed the Molly Mac Pack, and several unique designs for synthetic hammock underquilts. He has spent a lot of time hanging in Linville Gorge with the Gorge Rats, and has enjoyed meeting many other gear makers in the hammocking community.
MacEntyre is a native of North Carolina, and a graduate of NCSU engineering school. He worked for Raytheon Engineers on commercial projects in the US and Europe. He has worked in process controls, Unix and IP security, manufacturing resource planning, and project management for companies in biotech, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, power generation, refining and plastics.
From 2017 to 2022, MacEntyre served on the executive team that started up New Garden Park, a concept that combined a Parrish, Park, Farm and Abbey on one property under the church. This successful project produces almost 2000 lbs of produce per month, including 500 lbs that are donated to a local food bank. The church has grown from about 150 parishioners to over 500. Now the operation is under new management, and MacEntyre has focused on his homestead at Trouble Ranch on Troublesome Creek.

MacEntyre lives with his wife and dog at Trouble Ranch, where they make gear, grow vegetables, keep goats, fish and and hunt.

Thank you for supporting and being part of Molly Mac Gear.  Hike on!  – MacEntyre

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Contact MacEntyre to get started with your custom gear! Be as descriptive as possible. Please feel free to send us any questions, comments, feedback, reviews, gear repairs, or if you have a fun hiking story!

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