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Canvas Anoraks, Mukluks and Hamaraks (Canvas Hammock Socks) For Extreme Cold Weather (20*F and below)

“Below 20*F, footwear and outerwear should be breathable. Above 20*F, footwear and outerwear should be waterproof.” – FourDog

Here is a short technical explanation of how canvas works in extreme cold. You can learn more about how anoraks and mukluks work by reading The Snow Walker’s Companion, and by visiting other web sites. We’ve proven that they work in extreme cold weather, and enjoyed the experience very much. Several people asked us to make our anoraks, mukluks and Hamaraks available, so we found a suitable cotton fabric and got to work. The fabric has a thread count of about 100 to 200, and weighs 4 oz per square yard.. It is white, which works well in cold weather, where there will likely be snow on the ground.  We also have a limited supply of beige canvas that we use for mukluks only, because it is narrow.

Leather and Canvas Mukluks

Leather and Canvas Mukluks

Uninsulated, breathable, windproof, 20″ tall. Designed to be used with either three layers of wool socks, or one pair of wool socks and a wool felt liner. Leather lower moccasin with either white or beige 4 oz canvas uppers. Bindings are rawhide. Thin, durable, light, flexible, pressed cowhide sole (will last a long time used only on snow); or light but less flexible, smooth Vibram 1/4″ sole with no tread pattern.

You may send MacEntyre the liner that you want to use, or send an outline of your socked foot.

MacEntyre has used these mukluks as low as -20*F, using one pair of wool socks and mil-surplus wool felt boot liners, with excellent results.These mukluks work very well with snowshoes. Unlike mukluks that have a heavy sole and more structure, they will not tear up traditional snowshoes. Visit the Molly Mac Gear Store to order this item online


Canvas Anorak

Uninsulated, breathable, windproof, traditional outer garment. Designed to be used either with highly breathable layers beneath, such as wool shirts. Two sizes: Medium and Large. We’re not after a tight fit. Made with 4 oz white canvas. Select a removable ruff for the hood in natural fur, faux fur, or no ruff. All hoods have wire in the edge. MacEntyre has used this anorak as low as -15*F, wearing only two wool shirts and a wool vest underneath, snowshoeing and pulling a pulk, with excellent results. Around the campfire, put a down vest underneath, and the anorak protects it from flying embers.

Canvas Hammock Sock

The Hamarak: Canvas Hammock Sock with SEEP for Extreme Cold

Uninsulated, breathable, windproof cover for your hammock. Made with 4 oz canvas only. Use it with or without a tarp. This product was requested by FourDog, woodsman extraordinaire and maker of FourDog Wood Stoves. He tested it at -15*F in Minnesota, with excellent results, and gave his permission to use his endorsement.

Canvas performs better than any material at being both windproof and highly vapor permeable. The Hamarak protects your down underquilt by allowing moisture to pass completely through without condensing or freezing in or on your insulation. Visit the Molly Mac Gear Store to order this item online

Leather Mittens for Extreme Cold

Simple, uninsulated leather mittens to go over your wool mittens.
Just tell me what size glove you normally use (M, L, XL)
and send an outline of your hand with mittens on. $45.00
Contact MacEntyre to order this item

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